Driver San Francisco Black Leather Jacket

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Driver San Francisco Black Leather Jacket


  • Made from 100% pure leather
  • Striped leather jacket
  • Polyester lining on the inside
  • YKK zipper at the front
  • External and internal pockets
  • Finest quality material used
  • Color: Black with white stripes
  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Great fitting

Driver San Francisco Black Leather Jacket

In the game driver John Tanner may have suffered from a coma, but his dressing sense was still alive and breathing. He is seen sporting some amazing outfits, including the leather jacket. Ever since the release of the game leather jackets have become a conventional mode of fashion. If you get your hands on this jacket you will see that the overall look of the jacket and fitting is uncanny to that in the movie. The polyester lining makes it soft and smooth to put on, while the leather on the outside gives it a stylish look. The YKK zipper allows for complete shutting, while the pockets add to the overall style.




L, M, S, XL


Sports, Formal


2.2-oz 100% polyester taffeta with a DWR finish


Leather, Cotton, Silk

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